Ironsword - Servants of Steel

Ironsword Servants of Steel cover
Servants of Steel
Alma Mater Records
I was never a big fan of Manilla Road, due to their poor vocals and thus I could never become a fan of their more pedestrian offsprings, the Portugese Ironsword, who seem to follow them blow for blow with maybe a tint of Omen and epic era Bathory, in how they tend to build their riffs and melodies. Tann’s vocals are as poor as they ever were, with Hellroadie from Manilla also providing vocals on a couple of tracks.
The instruments are quite compressed and the weak vocals hardly manage to reach the same level, which makes most of them sound like some angry murmurs with the occasional out of tune rise.
The build of several songs is similar and if it weren’t for a few decent riffs they wouldn’t even be worth a listen, but songs like “Tower of the Elephant”, “Red Nails”, “In the Coils of Set” in particular, as well as “Keepers of the Crypt” and “Isle of the Damned” have some elements that make them worth a listen, despite their risible vocals.
Obviously, if you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned bands and listening to painfully out of tune stuff is your cup of tea, then this album might just be the second coming for ya!