Intelligent Music Project III - Touching the Divine

Intelligent Music Project III Touching the Divine cover
Intelligent Music Project III
Touching the Divine
Intelligent Music
Only a year after “My Kind O’ Lovin’”, the Intelligent Music Project returns with its third act. “Touching the Divine” was composed and produced by the “hidden” mastermind behind this project, Milen Vrabevski. Once again, he delivers some very fine melodies and a clear and full production on the whole.
“Touching the Divine” is built up upon two celebrated vocalists, John Payne (ex-Asia, GPS) and Joseph Williams (Toto, Vertigo etc.). John sings on 7 tracks and Joseph on 5. They have a duet on “Stay Up” and they both sing along with Carl on “Simply Feels Good”. The project consists of Simon Phillips (Camel, Far Corporation, Judas Priest, Toto, The Who etc.) on drums and percussion , Carl Sentance (Nazareth, Persian Risk, Tokyo Blade, Krokus etc.) on backing vocals (lead vocals on “Simply Feels Good”), Tim Pierce (Sahara Snow) on guitars and Nathan East (Fourplay) on bass.
What can I say about John & Joseph? They both belong to the golden rock, melodic rock/AOR voices and their career speaks volumes. Their performances on “Touching the Divine” are simply amazing! They make the final outcome sound even more refined that it would be without them. A great voice can make a good song sound even better but it cannot be the other way. Then again, Milen has delivered some very fine tracks and wonderful melodies. One more thing is that the solos by Tim are right to the point and made me eager to listen to them each time.
The music of the album can be described (generally) as melodic rock/AOR but it does have various progressive & classic rock elements. The tracks are mostly mid-tempo and ballads, apart from the exciting rock & roll “Roots”. There are plenty of tracks here (14!) to choose your beloved ones but apart from any favorites, there’s a music quality that permeates the whole album. Every Intelligent Music Project is a step further than the previous one and that’s how it should be. One must always go forward and evolve along the way. Overall, “Touching the Divine” is a splendid melodic rock/AOR album, which will satisfy the fans of the genre…