Hinder - Welcome to the Freakshow

Welcome to the Freakshow
Republic Records
Having enjoyed a fame that’s way greater than they thought they would have, this rock band from Oklahoma is back with its fourth full-length release. Nothing has really changed since the previous work “All American Nightmare”, so they continue to deliver their post-grunge, glam rock, pop-rock & modern rock music mix. Sorry no hard rock here at all (they never had and probably never will) for any friends that may wonder.
Without being as bad as some claim they are, nor as great as some others say as well, Hinder have become more popular than they deserve to be. Why’s that? Ha… no need to wonder, right? While they keep their mainstream, commercial music direction and become cheesy, “gay” & poppy way too much all through the album, I do not see why those who follow the band won’t find “Welcome to the Freakshow” good.
On the other hand, those who do hate ‘em, can’t stand them and so forth… will find another one fine reason to be more harsh on them. A bunch of radio-friendly tunes… a very good rockin’ sound but overall one of the same. If I happen to catch ‘em on the radio one of these days, I may listen to them… but that’s all. If you listen to the album more than 4-5 times, one will see how “naked”, simple and commercial it was meant to be right from the beginning… that’s why it only includes wannabe-fast-hit songs that one will forget after a few weeks. Not my cup of tea and too soft, artless & pop for my liking. Some say they are worse than Nickelback… but, I can listen to them more easily than Nickelshit anytime…