Heaven & Earth - A Taste of Heaven (EP)

Heaven & Earth
A Taste of Heaven (EP)
Black Star Records
Stuart Smith’s Heaven & Earth are about to release their new album in a few months, which will be titled “Screaming for Redemption”. While they were recording the album they took a break just to play at The Warner Center in Woodland Hills on July 4th, in front of an ecstatic crowd of more than 40.000 people! Also, I have to mention that they were joined on stage by old-time friends such as: Howard Leese (Heart/Paul Rodgers) and Kelly Hansen (Hurricane), for the finale. So, the band just decided to release the E.P. “A Taste of Heaven” to commemorate the occasion. “A Taste of Heaven” features 4 new songs with Paul Shortino on vocals and 4 songs that were taken from the first Heaven & Earth CD. The tracks from the first CD are, the instrumental “Dreams of Desire” (Johann Sebastian Bach cover), “Heaven & Earth” feat. Joe Lynn Turner on vocals, “When a Blind Man Cries” feat. Richie Sambora on vocals and “See That My Grave is Kept Clean” feat. Glenn Hughes on vocals. I believe that most of you have already listened to above songs so you all know how good they are.
Let me say some things about the new songs as well. First of all, Paul Shortino is an excellent rock singer and I like him very much. I was really enthusiastic when I heard that he would be singing the new material of the band. The first song “Screaming for Redemption” is a rock n’ roll, mid-tempo song which has some very good hooklines and a memorable chorus. Paul’s voice makes the song… fantastic. “Heaven” is a late 70s – early 80’s rocker with Hammond and a good chorus. “Nasty Piece Of Work” is a 70’s rocker with a very nice guitar riff that will bring Deep Purple on your mind. Finally, “It’d Be True” is a melodic, sensitive ballad that you are going to love! Paul’s great performance on this song will remind you of the good old days when we used to listen to great ballads. What a nostalgic feeling. Another winner on the album. Also, the production of the E.P. is just excellent and I really cannot wait to listen to the whole album. We have to wait for a few months but I believe that the final result will make us happy. I forgot to say that the E.P. is available now from the band’s website along with new t-shirt designs.