Heaven & Earth - Heaven & Earth feat. Stuart Smith

Heaven & Earth
Heaven & Earth feat. Stuart Smith
Black Star Records
This album has shown its value throughout the years. It was originally released in 1998 by Samsung Records and in 1999 it was re-released by Frontiers Records with 4 bonus tracks.
Here we have the third version of this great album, which has two new bonus tracks but it is missing the instrumental “Telstar 2000”, which was on the second version of this album. The two new songs are “Life on the Line” and “Still Got the Blues”. “Life on the Line” is a classic rock song with some blues elements, which features Bobby Kimball (Toto) on vocals. A very tasteful song indeed. “Still Got the Blues” is a cover of the wonderful Gary Moore song, which features the great Joe Lynn Turner on vocals. A very good cover, close enough to the original one.
As for the rest of the album, I do not think that songs like: “Don’t Keep Me Waiting”, “Heaven & Earth”, “When A Blind Man Cries”, “Do You Ever Think of Me”, “Shadow of the Tyburn Tree”, “Road to Melnibone”, “Howlin’ at the Moon”, “Trouble in Paradise” and “Lose My Number”, will leave anyone unhappy. The production is great and just keep in mind that this re-released album includes 16 songs… we are talking about 72 minutes of good rock/blues music! How can one of you resist that? Ohh… this is so hard a thing to do!
For those who are not aware, I must say that great musicians that have marked the rock history are participating in “Heaven & Earth”: Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes, Richie Sambora, Bobby Kimball, Howard Leese, Steve Priest, Kelly Hansen and Dave Chamberlain among others. I’m sure that most of you have already bought those two versions of this album but I believe that the third version is the most complete. As for the newest fans of rock music… they will get it sooner or later!