H.E.A.T - Address the Nation

H.E.A.T Address the Nation cover
Address the Nation
H.E.A.T are considered to be one of Europe’s highest hopes when it comes to melodic rock/AOR music. They gained much more reputation after their participation in the final round of Melodifestivalen 2009 with the song “1000 Miles”. The sudden departure of their singer Kenny Leckremo in 2010… cut off the band’s furious advent for a while… but luckily they did a wise move when they chose the winner of the Swedish Idol 2009, Erik Gronwall, as their new frontman. Erik brought some fresh air… in the band’s camp and gave them the push they needed, to go further.
Erik is a charismatic vocalist, as his predecessor was, and seems to fit perfectly with the other guys. “Address the Nation” is the band’s most ambitious work… cuz it marks a whole new era. The songwriting is more mature… still influenced by the 80s melodic rock period… with big “hooks”, strong guitars & catchy tunes. The production is big by any means as it was done by the Grammy award winning Tobias Lindell (Europe, Hardcore Superstar). The leading single, “Living on the Run”, which is an outstanding catchy rock anthem along with the magnificent “In and Out of Trouble”, with the exceptional use of sax… that’s waking up memories of the great Hanoi Rocks, are among the best melodic rock songs of the year. In truth to be told, this album could have been rated way higher if it wasn’t for the last 4 songs which are, above average, yet quite generic. The first 6 songs are excellent though…
H.E.A.T have the talent to go further… in any case, they did so after the painful departure of their frontman… and they are here… releasing their best album as yet. The third step of the band is successful… so now it’s up to them to choose the direction they wanna go… so far, so good…