Heart - Fanatic

It’s quite impressive how a band like Heart made a massive hit single back in the 80s with the cover song “Alone”… which gave the band the push so as to be successful. Surely, they had written their own good songs throughout the years… but honestly, all people tend to believe that “Alone” was a Heart song. They did it their own way of course… but this is one of those strange cases where a band get all the glory with a song that some other artist has written… moreover, the original band that wrote it never gained anything, except for the song credits of course.
So, now after a 40-year career, they’re still here with their 14th studio work. It’s true that Ann has a wonderful voice that has remained more than decent all these years. Yet, their looks have changed a lot since the 80s. Ann & Nancy teamed up again with producer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Ben Mink (Stringband, FM etc.) and they all together contributed to the songwriting. Furthermore, the production is excellent and very clear.
There are some rockers here that have a good vibe such as “Million Miles” & “Mashallah!”, a couple of ballads like “Pensylvania” & “Rock Deep (Vancouver)” and the softer pop rock tune “Walkin’ Good”, which is featuring Sarah McLachlan in duet with Nancy. Overall, “Fanatic” is OK, without having any big hits… just some fine tracks that reasonably, the old followers of the band will appreciate utmost. It’s good to see old bands, which have been in the scene for almost 40 years, still releasing solid albums.