Heart - Fanatic Live From Caesars Colosseum

Heart Fanatic Live From Caesars Colosseum cover
Fanatic Live From Caesars Colosseum
Frontiers Records
Heart are one of the best female fronted bands in the history of music with a long and illustrious career full of great acclaim who are still going strong after a career spanning over four decades, making them one of the most commercially enduring bands in rock's history.
In 2012, the sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson (guitars/vocals and so much more) got their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, released a definitive four CD box set and also had their latest album “Fanatic” come out which was met with strong critical and fan acclaim. In support of it they band embarked upon a major North American headline tour, which ended with a magnificent performance at Caesars Colosseum in Windsor, Ontario, which was filmed by AXS-TV.
Heart and Canada go back a long way as it was first in Canada that Heart found success, in 1976 with the release of “Dreamboat Annie” and their return to Canada for the “Fanatic” tour was greeted with the kind of enthusiasm the Canadians save for their own. Ben Mink, who produced the “Fanatic” CD and is another great musical Canadian musician, joined Ann and Nancy on stage at Windsor, playing fiddle and leading a string ensemble.
In addition to songs from the “Fanatic” album which were performed for the first time for the television viewing audience, “Fanatic Live From Caesars Colosseum” also showcases many of Heart’s classic hits including “Barracuda”, “Crazy on You”, “These Dreams”, I-Ten’s “Alone”, which Heart, made their own, basically, to the point many these days consider it a Heart song!, “What About Love” and many more.
It’s a flawless and stunning performance so much visually as it is aurally, perfectly executed on every level, with excellent production values, great direction... it can hardly be flawed, for anything but the fact that with such an extended catalog of song, it just only scratches the surface of Heart’s music leaving out a lot of songs that could have been included. Otherwise it’s a really cool package available in both CD/DVD and Bluray/CD combos.