Harlan Cage - Temple of Tears

Harlan Cage Temple of Tears cover
Harlan Cage
Temple of Tears
Atenzia Records
Now I’m pretty sure that this year, many good and excellent melodic hard rock/AOR albums have been released and this specific genre is getting back all the popularity it once had. To verify all those things I said above, just listen to the new fourth studio album from Harlan Cage.
“Temple of Tears” is a really fantastic album! The CD is full of great melodic hard rock songs such as “Any Port in the Storm”, “One New York Morning”, which is influenced by the terror attacks on September 11th, “On the Nickel” with the southern atmosphere and the slide guitars - a very impressive song, “Just A Face in the Rain” with the melancholic melody in the chorus, “Sin City” a very smooth but energetic rock song, “As You Fly” a deep sad emotional ballad, the up-tempo melodic dynamite “Later Than You Know” and the rockin’ “Wooden Cross”.
As you have already guessed, Harlan Cage’s new album has left me breathless! I hope Harlan Cage will continue to offer us great albums like “Temple of Tears” in the future ‘cause people need to listen to really good melodic songs. Harlan Cage released one of the most beautiful albums in their genre for this year. Melodic hard rock is alive and kicking!