Harem Scarem - United

Harem Scarem United cover
Harem Scarem
Frontiers Music Srl
The thing, with a band like Harem Scarem, is that they’ve always moved between becoming commercially successful and repeatedly failing to do so. Then for reasons possibly half artistic and half based on business decisions, they went through a period of soul searching, style shifts that ultimately led them to disbanding after a while, but also coming back a few years later, to quench the demand that was there from enough loyal fans.
Since then, coming back with a re-recording of their classic “Mood Swings” album, a further album was released to positive reviews and now this “new one” drops. In a way, it’s a crash course in what the band’s all about, featuring small but recognizable traits from almost every major era and style the band has touched upon with an emphasis on what the MR crowd likes most…
Based on the brilliant chemistry between Hess and Lesperance, most of the songs flow as naturally as water, from the anthemic opener “United” that’s a fine slice of pompous melodic hard rock, to more contemporary where JSS can be heard doing backing vocals, the rhythmical “Sinking Ship” or the fine ballad that “One of Life’s Mysteries” is, one of the better ones in recent years, heartfelt and to the point. “No Regrets” kicks things back into high gear, somewhat reminiscent of Def Leppard at their best… while “Bite the Bullet”, another quite contemporary half ballad, again has JSS singing backing vocals, but being more prominently featured and perceivable this time around. “Things I Know” is another stadium rocker, with a big sing-along chorus, like they used to make em back in the day and nice slide guitars. “The Sky is Falling” is a neat and smart song, with interesting lyrics and a guitar that’s very Brian May-esque in places… while “Indestructible” is another track that challenging you to sing its chorus out in top of your lungs, while rocking in front of your mirror, throwing shapes…. ooops :D
Overall, it should please the Harem Scarem fans, while possibly reaching out to some other melodic fans as well…