Harem Scarem - Overload

Harem Scarem Overload cover
Harem Scarem
Frontiers Records
All right!!! This is how we (the fans) like to see this magnificent band: full of inspiration, melodies and power! Yes, my friends Harem Scarem is back with a magnificent album of pomp, melodic rock music.
After 2004’s average, not to say bad, and completely uninspired “Higher”, the band realized that the couple-refrain structure based on childish and common melodies (of the “Higher” album) wouldn’t carry them for long. So, they decided to create a more direct hard rock album (again based on good melodies).
Elements from “Weight of the World” and “Voice of Reason” albums are combined here to give us some really good songs. To be honest “Overload” does not match the unearthly high standards of the two aforementioned masterpieces, but it shows the band still has much to give. Songs like the amazing “Forgive and Forget”, “Dagger” and “Leading Me On” argue that Harem Scarem is back for good. One of the finest moments of melodic rock for the year so far.