Harem Scarem - Mood Swings II

Harem Scarem Mood Swings II cover
Harem Scarem
Mood Swings II
Frontiers Records
At first, I thought this was something like a sequel to the band’s classic “Mood Swings” back in 1993. This, along with the band’s homonymous debut, are the best albums Harem Scarem have released to date and I do not see how that can change in the future. Anyhow, to my surprise this wasn’t a new – sequel – album but a re-make of “Mood Swings”! Holy shit! Why?! Whose idea has that been?!! Why on earth do we need a re-recorded version of the band’s classic album? For what purpose?! Com’ on!
In that case, I have a single thing to say: The original is and will always be better than anything else! That’s it! End of the story! This is the most pointless album of the year! It’s needless, it has nothing to offer, especially to those who have the original and it won’t get any new fans on the band’s camp. Hence, the question remains… is it all for the money here? Yes & no. Yes, because the label wishes it could sell a few digital copies over iShits etc. and no, cuz’ the actual CD lovers won’t get it, as they have it, and the younger ones who are interested in the band will try to find the original in any way. Come on guys you must put out a new, strong album… till then, stop messing around with your past for your own sake…