Hardcore Superstar - HCSS

Hardcore Superstar HCSS cover
Hardcore Superstar
Gain/Sony Music
I must say that, Hardcore Superstar, have been around for quite a while... we’re a couple of years away from their twentieth anniversary and on this their tenth album they seem to be making somewhat of a return to the roots. Their over the top last couple of albums, in the 10s, of “street metal” were OK, but not really, that amazing, compared to some earlier output, so they allegedly went back to listening to some of their 1994 demos for their first release and tried to draw inspiration. The result is an album more stripped down, funky, punky and spunky, not too far off from their “No Regrets” album... which came out a dozen years ago. Not bad…
Standout tracks would include the riot that “Don’t Mean a Sh#%” & the anthemic “Party til I’m Gone”, The more introspective “Off with their Heads” & “The Ocean” has me a little divided, but I think I like it, and “Messed up for Sure” bittersweet as it is seems to be an apt description. Better than the couple of recent albums then. I’m more old school when it comes to my rock/glam/sleaze, but after all these years, HS, have earned their stripes, I suppose...