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Hard Working Americans
Hard Working Americans
Melvin Records/Thirty Tigers
Hard Working Americans is a newly founded band consisting of five guys who have been playing rock music for the better half of their lives. Their debut album, with the same name, is something of a return to the core of Americana and blues rock melodies, deprived of any pompousness and pretentiousness.
There’s a certain easy-going vibe throughout the entire recording that only a group of friends can ever manage to produce. I can’t say that there are any tracks in “Hard Working Americans” that stand out from the rest. It’s the sort of record that flows smoothly out of the speakers without ever giving the listener the itch to press the skip button from beginning to end. But at the same time, listening to the whole thing made me wonder how great a record with no stand-out songs can be. It got me thinking; say for example I wanted to introduce Hard Working Americans to a friend of mine, which song would I play first? It’s my opinion that every good album should have a good single, and to tell the truth, I couldn’t find one in “Hard Working Americans”.
With that said though, what we are dealing with here is a tight and decent record, custom made to listen to while you are chilling out with friends. You just stick it in and put it on repeat for as long as you like. Before I end this review I’d like to say that when I first saw that there’s a song called “Wrecking Ball” I kinda hoped it would be a blues rock Miley Cyrus cover. It isn’t, but if it were… now that could have been cool. Just saying.