Hard Resistance - 1994 Retrospective 2014

Hard Resistance 1994 Retrospective 2014 cover
Hard Resistance
1994 Retrospective 2014
WTF Records
Hard Resistance is one of the best European hardcore punk or Euro-core bands, which appeared in the early 90s. At the beginning of 2000 but after hardcore music took the downside, Hard Resistance decided to call it a day. The band’s record label, Lost & Found Records, refused to pay for new recordings cuz as they said: “Hardcore has become too much of a risk, and we’re not willing to take the chance”. So which are the options for any band after a statement like the one above?!
Payback’s a bitch and Hard Resistance never really quit their beloved hardcore music. After all, how “hard” would their “resistance” be if they totally gave up after some tough situations? In 2008 they did some reunion live shows in Europe and after 2 years they started writing new material. In 2012, they released their comeback album “Lawless & Disorder” and in 2013 the mini-CD “Euphemism”.
“1994 Retrospective 2014” presents the band’s 20 years in a very unique way. The guys re-recorded 22 songs from all of their old albums and mini albums and picked 20 songs for this album. The album was recorded and mixed by Thomas Bleys at Golden Din Studio and the artwork was done by Robert Van Der Donk who has also designed the cover artworks for “Lawless & Disorder” and “Euphemism”.
“1994 Retrospective 2014” is available as a 2CD deluxe digipack. You get almost one hour or pure old-school, aggressive hardcode/punk music with an updated and rather punchy sound. Those who do not own the old releases by the band will get the chance to hear some of the band’s classics tracks with a better sound. Likewise, those who own every release by Hard Resistance will be tempted to check out this double CD too, not only for the re-recorded and powerful versions of the “old tracks”, but also for the very good deluxe digipack package. “1994 Retrospective 2014” can be considered as a gift from Hard Resistance to their old and new fans… for the new year and not only.