Hammers Of Misfortune - Dead Revolution

Hammers Of Misfortune Dead Revolution cover
Hammers Of Misfortune
Dead Revolution
Metal Blade Records
It’s funny but buy this point in time the Hammers Of Misfortune have existed for something like two decades, with some seven releases if someone counts their “Unholy Cadaver” days… They run almost parallel ways with The Lord Weird Slough Feg with the main personas of each band helping out each other for some time, because of their locality.
John Cobbett and his partners return – some five years after the somewhat underwhelming “17th Street” with an album that is quite likely to appease their older fans more than the last one ever did. The style is still recognizable and unmistakable, a sort of gloomy, complex by the standards of what they are set out to achieve and really hard to characterize or pigeonhole, amalgam of epic folk, doom, NWOBHM, extreme metal, and 1970s prog/psych rock.
Tracks like the title cut and “Sea of Heroes” or “Here Comes the Sky” are among the better and more interesting moments in an album that’s mostly on the long song length side… also with this one being Joe Hutton’s second album on vocals, he sounds a bit surer behind the mic. And the band seems to be finally putting behind them the setback that the exit of Mike Scalzi to focus on “Slough Feg” was in terms of sounding more inspired. Backing female vocals still exist, like in previous albums, but mostly layered in between and rarely coming more into focus… while a more traditionalist approach also benefits the pretty epic folk of closer “Days of ‘49”.
Fans will probably like it a lot, while people not aware of the band are welcome to give it a try if they like something authentic and vintage sounding, that’s not pretentious.