Hammered - The Beginning

Hammered The Beginning cover
The Beginning
Punishment 18 Records
After more than a decade of existence and various line-up changes the time has come for these Italian metalheads to release their debut work. Having been overwhelmed by the 80s metal era, they mix heavy, thrash, speed & power metal music, offering an aid to the so-called resurrection of the 80s.
Unluckily, things are not as good as they appear to be. Indeed the band seems to adore acts like: Metallica, Megadeth, Exciter, Hallows Eve and so forth. The production is so-so but it doesn’t sound retro in any case. It’s a bit weak at times and not as heavy as it must be. The band sometimes tries to mimic the style/attitude of the 80s metal bands and other times they find a balance between the past and the present. I totally prefer the second approach. I do not fancy imitating in music.
In the main, they do not have anything new, great or different to say. We’ve heard this stuff in the 80s and none can do it better… not even the same bands which did it back then. We have also heard it from various bands of our time but it is still one of the same. I’ll say it once again, it is a completely different thing to be influenced by the 80s metal giants and another thing to wanna be or imitate them…