Hammer King - Kingdom of the Hammer King

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Hammer King
Kingdom of the Hammer King
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Hammer King (why not Hammerfall?!) is a band revolving around singer/guitarist/composer, Titan Fox (Ross The Boss’ singer), who’s an average to decent player and performer but doesn’t exactly set the world aflame, with his performances, along with another guitarist by the name of Gino Wilde, the former drummer of Saltatio Mortis, Dolph A. Macallan, and a guy called K.K. Basement on bass.
They play by the numbers Teutonic power metal, that’s a little too predictable. They might on occasion have a decent or even good idea, but in the course of a song, it tends to be reduced to being a nice “part” lost in the mediocrity. Fox’s vocals border between a valiant attempt to sound epic but border on slight self-parody, unintentionally. The whole “metal” pathos and medieval warfare imagery, used in the lyrics, can work miraculously, but can easily turn into a boomerang in a lot of cases. In that of Hammer King, it goes both ways, as at times they sound pretty cool, but for the most part they manage to screw something up. Their effort to forge some Manowar inspired power metal, misses the mark by a bit and Fox’s vocals at times sound like a bad mix between a weak James Rivera (without the range) but he has that sort of piercing high and how bad the original guy from Manilla Road sounds, weak and sort of nasal.
Surely some people will eat this up, on the strength of the above descriptions, but to go through ten songs, half of which are about and contain the word king and the rest containing the word hammer, just because of a nice intro here and an interesting riff there, was quite a challenge, really. This is power metal alight, but it’s not exactly a golden “standard” of the genre by any means. However people that like bands like Sacred Steel, Manilla Road and Majesty are likely to enjoy them. Not quite something I enjoy, although, I do like a select bunch of epic metal bands with “good” vocalists.