Halestorm - Into the Wild Life

Halestorm Into the Wild Life cover
Into the Wild Life
Atlantic Records
It’s been almost 3 years since “The Strange Case of...”?! Damn! Just when I had started forgetting all about Halestorm here they are… with a new album which features 13 (!) tracks plus 2 bonus ones! What the heck?!! Did some “inspiration” hit their door?! Please mercy on us guys! Do not add so many tracks to your albums cuz we do not have time to spend fooling around anymore. Time is money and we should totally get paid for listening to such albums!
First things first, the album was produced by the well-known producer Jay Joyce (Cage The Elephant, Eric Church, etc.). The production is superb & modern on the whole. Atlantic also released the album in Europe for it seems that Nuclear Blast wasn’t interested in the band anymore or what? If the previous albums had brought ‘em lots of money then surely this cooperation would have continued. Now comes the hard part. Songwriting wise this album is a total mess. Even worse than their previous one! How did they actually manage to do such a thing?!! They absolutely deserve congrats! How can I describe tracks like “Mayhem” (the title perfectly defines itself)? Or tracks like the modern pop-shit “Amen”, “New Modern World”, “Bad Girls World” and so on… I think it is wise not to continue cuz I have to mention every little track here. The first single “Apocalyptic” is tiresome and the I-wanna-be-a-(modern)-Joan-Jett “I Like It Heavy” is pathetic too. The two bonuses are there to make our boredom even bigger! Hooray!
Lzzy still sings these music-trashes wonderfully and I wonder how great it should be if she could actually sing something really good… they’re in total need of a couple strong songwriters. It’s true that the band won’t last for a long time cuz it has become a label puppet. And whatever the big label freaks think so as to bring money in their pockets is what kills the good music actually. Quantity over quality… as long as you bring money you’re good – as soon as you stop making them richer & richer then the countdown to your destructions begins. The only good thing that you can make out of “Into the Wild Life” is to count how much time (secs or minutes) it will take you to be bored to the core before starting listening to something else… now, that’s a fine test to take!