Hail Spirit Noir - Mayhem in Blue

Hail Spirit Noir Mayhem in Blue cover
Hail Spirit Noir
Mayhem in Blue
Dark Essence Records
Hail Spirit Noir is a Greek trio, often augmented by guests, who claim to perform psychedelic prog Black Metal. While they indeed ape all the phych sounds fairly well, their rock/prog inclinations are too structured, too orthodox, only marred by the odd atmosphere, or a few chaotic or more extreme metallic moments here and there, to really appreciate this as a true acid trip.
Most songs sound like developed jams, or loose playthroughs, with some loosely tied together ideas… while momentarily there are interesting atmospheres or melodies; I have a hard time either totally losing myself in the music or focusing enough on it… which made the album a pretty challenging listen as in one moment you listen to stuff that sounds like The Doors only more ambient and then all of the sudden Mayhem with bouzouki (so to speak). Really mindboggling shit.
The quirky “I Mean You Harm”, the eastern influenced, but pretty monotonous “Riders to Utopia” and the pretty long winded “Lost In Satan’s Charms” (guys I didn’t know that Satan actually owned and operated a barrel organ! But you always learn new shit, hehe) are flawed but charming moments and if you’re able to really indulge the band’s general “weirdness”, you might actually enjoy their bizarre mix that might put you off like it did to me initially, but might actually win you over quite a bit after a few spins (again as it happened to me)…