Grimlord - V-Column

Trident Harmony/Legacy Records
Grimlord is a Polish band that originally begun back in 1993. All these years they have released quite a few demo tapes, LPs & CDs. A couple of years after 2000, they started releasing their studio albums as well. Since I’m not aware of the band’s previous works I will only speak about this one.
The band’s music style has elements from traditional heavy metal, death/trash, punk, melodic, acoustic and extreme metal. The growling vocals are also adding an 80s ala Venom coverage in the final outcome. The production is a bit raw too. There some tracks with acoustic guitars which have a small number of mellower features and those are offering diversity to the album’s music. The album is short too, as it lasts almost 30 minutes.
“V-Column” is not a bad release but it will frustrate you at times as it does not follow the “straight” thrash recipe of the 80s. Those other influences won’t find many followers especially among the thrash/death metal fans… but everything is a matter of taste, right? The band is frank at what it does and they actually like it. It has its moments but they do need a better & updated sound and a bit more cohesive songwriting at times.