Greybeards - Longing to Fly

Greybeards Longing to Fly cover
Longing to Fly
Attitude Recordings
Greybeards are a newcomer from Sweden, which started in 2012. Three years later the band releases its debut album, entitled “Longing to Fly”. The band consists of young guys who are all in their 20s. Listening to the album, it became obvious to me that they guys are quite focused on what they wanna deliver.
“Longing to Fly” blends classic rock, rock & roll, modern rock, pop-rock & alternative rock altogether. The band’s influences vary from Foo Fighters, to The Hellacopters (Imperial State Electric) and Graveyard among others. At times the rocking moments of Rush comes to my mind too. The sound is rather rockin, “dirty” and fresh – not “retro” whatsoever, as the current trend is.
I like it when the guys follow the dirty rock & roll and classic rock path more, like in “Memories”, “Let It Out” or “We’ll Never Die”, their more contemporary attempts are not my cup of tea. I think that old rockin’ attitude with the fresh sound suits them better, but that’s my personal opinion. Undoubtedly, Greybeards is a gifted young act, which will grow better in time and will mature over the years. Their first release is enjoyable and I’m positive they have what it takes to go further… it’s totally up to them. Time, hard work & live shows can and will work for their own benefit…