Goldray - Rising

Goldray Rising cover
Akashic Records / Cargo Records
Goldray was formed in 2010 in London, when guitarist & songwriter Kenwyn House (Reef) teamed up with vocalist Leah Rasmussen (Hydrogen, EMI, Bedrock, Renaissance). Later, bass player Geoff Laurens (The Resistors) joined them and the band’s trio-core was completed. Also, Andy Treacey, Paul Winter-Hart & Chris Hardwick on percussion, Henry Broadbent & George Muranyi on keys, Gema Louis Rose on violin and Aaron Miller on hurdy-gurdy participate in “Rising”.
In 2014, they released an eponymous EP that featured 4 tracks. Now their debut full-length album is out and it features 3 tracks from the EP as well. The band’s music is a mix of 70s heavy psych, classic rock, psychedelic rock, atmospheric rock and pop-rock with several prog rock touches here and there. Leah’s voice may remind you a bit of Kate Bush but she has her own personality and dynamics. She’s more than fine for this kind of music. The album was produced & arranged by Kenwyn and Leah, co-produced & engineered by Clive Martin, mixed by Pedro Ferreira and mastered by Ade Emsely at Table of Tone Mastering. The production is full and powerful and has an “analog” touch, if I may say so.
It doesn’t matter if you have listened to the band’s eponymous EP. If you fancy this kind of late 60s early 70s psychedelic music with female vocals and the whole atmosphere of that era, then “Rising” will bring back memories to those who had the chance to live back then or to those who wanted to live in that era and didn’t have the chance. Who would have thought that in the 21st century, there would be so many bands that would honor the music of the 60s, 70s and 80s in general?! All things considered, Goldray is a fine new band that really fancies psychedelic rock music and has more to offer in the next years. If you are into this kind of music then do check them out…