Gardner & Fuller - Original Demos

Gardner & Fuller Original Demos cover
Gardner & Fuller
Original Demos
Contante & Sonante
This is a very special release, as it features songs that have been written by the songwriting team of Cecily Gardner & Scott Fuller, featuring the smooth vocals of the late Warren Wiebe, who contributed to a few tracks too, as well as many various other compositions from their own notable songwriting portfolio.
Cecily & Scott met Warren in Los Angeles in 1989, after attending a special music seminar. Afterwards, they invited Warren to Bay Area to sing on several demos of their songs. Some of these tracks feature Cecily on vocals along with Scott on keyboards & programming that has also made the arrangements and the production. Do not get “confused” by the “demos” thing, cuz the production is crystal clear & smooth and the overall sound is great.
Cecily Gardner is a singer, voice teacher, and songwriter with a B.A. in music and has recorded and appeared with many artists including Bobby McFerrin, Linda Tillery, Patti Cathcart (of Tuck and Patti, Windham Hill recording artists), Dianne Reeves, and William Kennedy (formerly of Yellowjackets). Scott Fuller is a keyboardist & arranger, who has been in the music industry for over 35 years and has contributed to several tracks that ended up on music charts.
Musically, “Original Demos” is a West Coast/soft AOR & pop album, full of easy-listening & radio-friendly tracks. Cecily sings wonderfully on some tracks but Warren steals the show with his amazing vocals & performances. Listen, for instance, to the amazing “The Blue Tattoo” and you’ll be totally amazed. This track deserves some major airplay.
If you are into this kind of soft music, you’d better check this album out, cuz not only does it feature some wonderful tracks but it is also released in a limited edition of only 1000 copies.