FM - Heroes and Villains

FM Heroes and Villains cover
Heroes and Villains
Frontiers Music Srl
You gotta give it to FM, when it comes to them keeping themselves busy. On both their original run from the mid-80s to the mid-90s, the kept putting out quality material and touring with the likes of people like Meat Loaf, Foreigner, Tina Turner, Gary Moor and Bon Jovi. Then when they came together for a second time after a dozen years with comparatively few line up differences, they kept on putting out albums and several EPs at that while also touring, quite a bit, but nowhere near as much as in their late 80s heyday.
“Heroes and Villains” is the band’s new ninth album, plays on all the band’s strengths and in it they sound as energized as they haven’t in years... Melodic, passionate, catchy and consummate masters of their instruments, FM effortlessly pump out, one hit after the other.
From the melodic and dynamic opener “Digging up the Dirt” that’s got typical FM written over it, with latter day Bad Company, in the subtitle, onwards to the Leps meets Bryan Adam’s pomp pop splendor of “You’re the Best Thing About Me” things seem to get off, on the right foot.
“Life is a Highway” sports a nice strong riff and is more typical of the bands well established style.
“Fire & Rain” is mighty fine, even if it’s a little quieter overall, compared to the really fiery opening triplet.
“Incredible” is probably a good way to describe this new album up to this point, and the song in question, a nice measured ballad, does nothing to hurt, but instead reinforces this belief, with its big chorus and fine melodic lines.
“Call on Me” begins, believe it or believe it not with a number being dialed and it makes quite a connection, being a fine piece of melodic rock.
“Cold Hearted” is a funky and slower number, that’s a bit of an acquired taste.
“Shape I’m In” – I could probably take as a wink that I have to start exercising a bit more, but it also is another pretty damn good and lively number.
“Big Brother” takes a bit of a critical stance on the whole eavesdropping and spying on “pretty much everyone”... while managing to push its agenda, along with a sexy rhythmical base. Nice.
“Somedays I only Want to Rock & Roll” – I mean with a title like that what would you expect a ballad? No, a feelgood rocker, maybe? Yup and that’s what you get an energetic, uplifting rocker!
“I Want You”, ain’t an Elvis Costello cover, but an original, funky & horn-y number, which once it starts flaunting its stuff, just grows and grows.
Finally “Walking with Angels” is a very tender acoustic ballad, that closes the album in a somewhat sad, but appropriate tone.
Every bit as good as ever, FM begin their collaboration with Frontiers with a very “fine” album, that you’d be missing if you chose to ignore. So just don’t!