Evil Invaders - Feed Me Violence

Evil Invaders Feed Me Violence cover
Evil Invaders
Feed Me Violence
Napalm Records
Evil Invaders have been around for quite a while now, actually about a decade having a couple of EPs and now a sophomore album to account for all these year plus a fair few live performances under their belt; their style reminiscent of the Canadian thrashers like Exciter and Razor (their name is but an album of the latter) but also Zetro era Exodus and also maybe Violence.
There seems to be have mild progression from their from their “debut” a couple of years ago, a fuller production and a lot more certainty and ease that translates as fluidity in the performances. What remains almost unchanged is the style, which is this retro thrash, with vocals that tend to be very hit and miss and this time seem to be more of a “necessary evil” being handled by Joe-Anus (yup-that’s what it says:P – eat your hearts out Joane and Jolene!), who’s better as a guitarist than he is as a vocalist and it’s probably that exact dichotomy that keeps him for giving 100% in one or the other area.
Still, for wool-painted thrash boys, this stuff, no matter how typical, would probably be butter in their bread and while it fails to be original, I can see that it gets the job done fairly well and should have no problem finding willing ears to make ring if not bleed…