Every Mother’s Nightmare - Grind

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Every Mother’s Nightmare
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Every Mother’s Nightmare were formed in the late 80s and debuted in 1990 releasing a couple of unspectacular, but not terrible albums on Arista, before disappearing along with all other “hairy” or not bands up the anus of Seattle’s metal bane that “grunge” was.
Following a few years in the wilderness or bars, they resurfaced for a trio of studio and a live album on Perris Records, before disappearing again for more than a decade, during which not much was heard of them… so it’s unclear whether they were on hiatus, disbanded or what not, but around 2015 a self-released EP heralded the return of the band to action. Lately, featuring only original singer Rick Ruhl and drummer Jim Phipps, the overall style hasn’t changed completely, although there seems to be a bit of an attempt to modernize the sound a bit… let’s say that EMN might have been a teacher and Buckcherry “students”, but not the teachers – sort of take a cue from the student or at least use a more “Hinder” like approach when it comes to production.
I guess if you like loud, somewhat sleazy, but at the same time heavy hard/hair rock, songs like the catchy “Loco Crazy”, the Motleyesque “Upper Hand” or the kinda hikey-but fun duo of “Stand Up” and “Swing Again” might be right up your alley… if not, “Blown Away” is a simple but probably effective ballad that might do the trick. If that fails, maybe it means that EMN might not be every daughter’s dream…