Esquire III - No Spare Planet

Esquire III No Spare Planet cover
Esquire III
No Spare Planet
Esquire Records
Esquire, for those who are not aware, is the band which was formed by Nikki Squire (vocals), the first wife of Chris Squire (bass) from Yes, and Nigel McLaren (bass) in the early 80s. This is the third studio album, which comes almost 2 decades after the previous one and the band’s last album since Nigel’s untimely passing in 2015. This is the last time that Nikki and Nigel worked together and that’s the sad side of Esquire’s new release.
I’m sure that those who have heard of the band before would be kinda skeptical over this release and over its music quality, but I should say that “No Spare Planet” is very well-crafted and well-produced album on the whole. Nikki’s vocals sound wonderful, as always and the production is clear & lush. Musically, the album borrows elements from the two previous releases and there’s a fine blending among pop/rock, pop, modern rock & atmospheric music. Some prog touches here & there had always been a part of the band’s music and so they are today.
In truth to be told, there couldn’t have been a better tribute to Nigel’s memory than the release of this album, which completes the Esquire trilogy once and for all. Those who used to own the band’s previous releases will revel in “No Spare Planet” for sure. As for the others, who haven’t heard of Esquire till today, it’s never too late to “discover” a band that is worth both your time & money…