Erotic Psycho - The Lost Boyz

Erotic Psycho The Lost Boyz cover
Erotic Psycho
The Lost Boyz
Art Gates Records
Erotic Psycho are a Spanish Sleazy quartet on their sophomore effort, that are somewhat endearing, despite not being particularly original and suffering from a singer that while certainly in the right frame of mind and with the right attitude, has a weird accent and seems to avoid going for the whole range, maybe for good reason, maybe not, but feels pretty grounded and not out and about. Think of him as a Vincenzo Neiloz of sorts, only think of Neil worse moments – because good ones were quite a rarity.
The music is quite decent and rhythmical but definitely, the whole motley-meets-new sweedez with hints of Bulletboys and Nando’s vox don’t amount to much more than a merely lukewarm romp that rarely becomes enjoyable. Certainly not the worst thing I’ve ever heard in the genre, as some Greek and Italian bands do a far inferior job, but this is “American territory” that only a few Scandis seem to have conquered. Try harder.