Enemy Of Reality - Arakhne

Enemy Of Reality Arakhne cover
Enemy Of Reality
FYB Records
Enemy Of Reality return for a sophomore album, this time a concept one, about how Arachne (spider) was born, according to the old Greco-Roman myths. Basically committing hybrids by comparing her weaving to that of goddess Athena’s crafts, she was turned into a spider as punishment. The band uses the version of the myth where Arachne wins, but confused and afraid of the goddess’s wrath, she hangs herself to avoid punishment.
The album appears to be a definite upgrade in a lot of areas, when compared to the band’s debut, ie the songs have more focus, the performances are bette, almost equivocally, with their frontwoman, managing to sound more controlled and able to deliver a healthy dose of emotion throughout the songs, even though in some cases she sounds a little odd… ie trying to sing odd lines in the intro of “Nouthetissis” sounds both weird, plus you have trouble understanding what she’s singing (which is in Greek) but sounds more like bleeting, instead of proper singing. I wish they had managed to get those parts a bit better, or omitted them altogether. Still there are nice enough ideas, on most of the songs.
Like on the previous album they use quite a few guests, namely Jeff Waters (Annihilator) on the aforementioned track, Fabio Lione (ex-Rhapsody Of Fire, Angra) on “Reflected”, where he mostly leads, exchanging some parts with Ms Tsakirakis as the song weaves itself and Chiara Malvestiti (Therion/ Chrysalys) on “Showdown”, which should have been “avoided” as here the excessive vibrato quite mars the overall impression and the excessive length – undoes the effort as the song becomes a little boring towards its climax…
The mix is not bad, but far from perfect as mainly the drums sound quite weak and the sound a little hollow, when there’s not enough symphonic stuff going on. Still I had found their debut lacking on too many areas and this one marks improvements all over the place, so yeah… maybe I’ll eventually like em quite a bit, probably once they find the correct balance in their sound, which right now has very pronounced orchestrations to the point where they top everything else…