Endless Recovery - Revel in Demise

Endless Recovery Revel in Demise cover
Endless Recovery
Revel in Demise
Witches Brew
Endless Recovery is a comparatively young band that has been around for some 6 years and whose debut “Thrash Rider” could win in a contest about the worst “hand drawn cover” even if it was competing on its own in a competition with 5 year old creations – because I sincerely doubt the “artist” who did it could have been any older, or more inept. Thankfully they’ve refrained from such perils this time around by using a highly stylized bunch of photos. Musically, they seem to be going for a blackened thrash that sits comfortably between “Endless Pain” & “Pleasure to Kill” Kreator and early Sodom, with the vocals being very reminiscent of early 90s Greek “Black/Thrash” efforts…
For all intends and purposes, they do what they do quite well and their persistent if not terribly imaginative riffing, always seems to zest and rise above all else in most of the tracks… captivating enough to keep the listener well listening… while on occasion let rip some also fiery lead, just for shits and giggles. There’s a certain degree of urgency and all school ethos in these guys that’s done “quite right”. Past the intro two speeds seem to exist, “Fast” and “Faster”, which I must say it not a terrible thing, but it would be interesting to see how they would turn out if they experimented a little more, but I guess early on, heeding to what calls deep within you is important, if you want to be as undiluted as possible, which is what these guys are all about.
Songs like the title track, “Blood Countess” (really another song about Bathory?) and a handful of others tend to stick out more, but nothing “bores” as the album is conveniently clocked at about forty minutes, which seems to be some sort of a sweet spot for “Thrash”. At any rate, if you like old-school blackened thrash, these Athenians are quite good and will not disappoint.