Dwiki Dharmawan - So Far So Close

Dwiki Dharmawan So Far So Close cover
Dwiki Dharmawan
So Far So Close
MoonJune Records
Dwiki Dharmawan is a keyboardist, composer, producer, peace activist and cultural icon that comes from Indonesia and he is also a member of Krakatau. Since this is Dwiki’s debut on MoonJune Records, he’s also backed-up by some renowned musicians that are on top of the game.
“So Far So Close” features Jimmy Haslip on bass, Chad Wackerman on drums, Dewa Budjana and Tohpati on guitars and the legendary violinist, Jerry Goodman. What an impressive line-up, huh?!! The album was recorded at JHL Sound, Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, while additional recordings and post-production took place at DSS Studio & Musikita Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia, by Sulthon. Finally, the album was mixed and mastered by Robert Feist at RavensWork Studio, Los Angeles and produced by Dwiki himself. The album is amazingly clear & full containing all its dynamics. Needless to say, the performances are superb! How can you go wrong with such gifted musicians?!
Since Dwiki is a pianist/keyboardist, there are tracks on this album that have an atmospheric prog rock orientation in comparison to the others that follow a more experimental & improvisation path. Certainly, the ethnic & jazz-fusion elements are there to remind us of Dwiki’s heritage and showcase how some Western & Eastern music components can be harmonically blended together.
“So Far So Close” is a very refined & artistic album, which address the musicians of all music styles and also the music lovers who do not care about music tags but are only after good music of any kind…