Dust Bolt - Trapped in Chaos

Dust Bolt Trapped in Chaos cover
Dust Bolt
Trapped in Chaos
Napalm Records
Dust Bolt is a German quartet that has been active since 2012, releasing another three albums and an EP in addition to this.
They’re a somewhat crossover thrash band in the vein of Lost Society, Gama Bomb, Municipal Waste and the like, but with a very pragmatic and serious lyrical approach. At times they also reminded me a bit of Kreator’s mid-period to late 80s period or Destruction’s more refined pre-break up moments.
The band mixes up edgier faster songs like “The Fourth Strike” that tend to go to extremes more often than not (ie “Rhythm to My Madness” – in the case of the former some screams not always hit the spot – sounding like a failed grind band’s vocal), with heavier mid-tempo songs that seem to offer some variety, like the pretty cool “Dead Inside” or “Bloody Rain”.
Overall, this is a fairly decent album from a band that seems to be paying their dues, trying to get somewhere on their own strengths. Promising enough, without being exceedingly exciting however.