Dperd - Kore

Dperd Kore cover
My Kingdom Music
I’ve been looking for something new. Not just a new band that sounds like some other band that I can name off the top of my head, something that is truly its own genre. Needless to say, I think “Kore” by the Italian group Dperd is just that. Their simple, yet epic sound makes for some very intriguing atmospheres and soundscapes that seem to send you on a journey through your mind.
So, the sound of the band itself is fantastic, great. Despite that, there were some shortcomings in the songwriting department. I’m not even talking about the fact that the lyrics are in Italian, that’s actually pretty cool. The problem is the lack of dynamics and flow. I loved the main hook in “Fa Male”, but when it goes on for nearly 5 minutes, it loses its novelty pretty quickly.
Aside from that, the production itself wasn’t bad. The balance was fantastic and it had a huge sound to it. If this band was able to write radio hits, they would be selling out stadiums. Either way, this album is a fantastic album choice for a lazy afternoon, bonus points if you have an old music player with an “intro” more on it, ‘cause you need to only listen to about that much to get the gist of every song.