Dperd - V

Dperd V cover
My Kingdom Music
Dpered are an Italian duo that features members of cult Italian darkwave band, Fear Of The Storm. While I don’t follow the band, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard some of their previous material while browsing through their record company’s site and I remember them being a bit more “involved”.
“V” is very laid back, dark, melancholic, but in a catatonic sort of way that however is not that cold or glacial, as your average “dark wave”… vocalist Valeria has a voice that I find displeasing, quite cold and removed that sounds rather foreboding and out-worldly as it’s “verbed” quite a bit.
The whole thing sounds like late 80s Cure, but is more minimalist and sung in Italian, which makes it even more odd and less appealing. Then again when it comes to some of the more “left-field” musical genres, it’s almost absolutely certain that you‘ll have some “fanatics”… but I digress… not something that I’d listen to again, not really…