Doll Hazard - Transatlantic Meltdown

Doll Hazard Transatlantic Meltdown cover
Doll Hazard
Transatlantic Meltdown
Train Wreckords
Suicide Bombers frontman Chris Damien Doll and Dirtbag Republic mainman Sandy Hazard one of them a Norweigian the other a Canadian and one of which, I’m not a huge fan of the self styler “Sleaze Fuhrer”, not the catchiest name ever either.
Here Chris also handles guitars and bass, while Hazard provides the beats with both contributing vocals. While there’s a plethora of influences, mainly of LA origin, I wouldn’t say I was all that impressed. “Cat Got Your Tongue” ain’t half as bad, but Faster Pussycat could sue em over it and Hazard is only marginally better than Doll. “Rock N Roll Prostitute” that I think both guys contribute on, is the only track with some true oomph and character. And it’s probably the one that really got me genuinely excited me during my listening session. “No Valentine Cards” also ain’t too bad, but otherwise, it’s all… semi-decent, but forgettable fodder with a nice riff here and an OK chorus there (some quite derivative). See, in this style, if you’re not brilliant it shows and these guys at best meet the second rate standards of yesteryear in most cases… grit alone and a semblance of attitude, don’t cut it, really.