Dimension - Revolution

Dimension Revolution cover
Nightmare Records
After a 7-year hiatus, the Mexican (but now based in Denver US) prog metallers Dimension return with a new 2CD release. The leading duo of David Quicho (guitars, vocals) & Mane Cabrales (drums) is still going strong along with the addition of the new bassist Edgar Allan.
“Revolution” is a double album as I said earlier. This means approx. 89 minutes of music! How about that?! Each CD features a cover too. The first CD features the cover on “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles and the second has “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin. The covers are OK but they add nothing to the final outcome.
Let’s cut to the chase though. “Revolution” is a well-made album which mostly moves in the Symphony X, Vanden Plas, Threshold, Shadow Gallery, Circus Maximus etc. prog metal path. Unluckily, the final result seems to have been “betrayed” by the weak rhythm guitar sound. The lead guitars sound very good though. Why’s that? This thing may not be a minor one, but it won’t stop you from appreciating the band’s great performances. I do not know why the album’s mixing is not that good and why they didn’t take care of that issue… in truth to be told if it weren’t for this “guitar fault” the album would have gained extra points in the end.
Anyhow, probably the band should have featured fewer tracks, but I do not think that it would be much of an issue especially for the prog metal freaks. The tracks are decent on the whole. I also think that the longest track “War Dream” is the album’s best moment cuz it features the band’s good elements in one track… strong melodies, heavy parts, melodic lines, atmospheric passages and so on. Long tracks usually tend to bore me but I had to play this one again and again and I reveled in it. Closing, “Revolution” is a fully gratifying prog metal album which will satisfy the genre’s aficionados in general… if only there wasn’t that “rhythm guitar issue”…