Die! Die! Die! - Charm. Offensive

Die! Die! Die! Charm. Offensive cover
Die! Die! Die!
Charm. Offensive
Sounds of Subterrania/finetunes/Cargo
Die! Die! Die! is a New Zealand based post punk/noise pop trio that has had too many bassists and half a dozen albums since the early 00s. Think Wheatus, with extra lo-fi production on purpose through a meat grinder. Pretty damn close… the poppy vocal melodies and happiness are twisted out of form by noisy guitars and a playful bass that’s more prominent than you’d have expected it to be.
“How Soon is too Soon (It’s not Vintage it’s Used)” is their lead single and sounds sufficiently “hipster”. There is the occasional song that breaks away from the norm like “For Melody”, but unless this is your “scene”, you’ll really feel cheated; hardly I felt cheated out of an hour of my life, for having to listen to something that under normal circumstances, I’d never bother with.