Devin Townsend Project - Epicloud

Devin Townsend Project Epicloud cover
Devin Townsend Project
Inside Out Records
Undoubtedly Devin is a unique producer/composer/musician. He is a guy that follows no trends and always acts spontaneously, without carrying for any reactions he might cause. Also, he really likes to have a diversity and variety in his music works, that’s why he has released so many indifferent albums throughout his career.
“Epicloud” is no exception to that. It’s… let’s say the latest bizarre musical babe out of Devin’s head. Well, it’s kinda diverse, soft, melodic & easy-listening, more pop rock/metal oriented, sorta mainstream but with heavy moments as well… and lots of ambient, atmospheric elements & some use of gospel choir! Devin sounds really great on the album and he also has the fortune to sing along with the one and only Anneke. Her divine performances in the album make things way better and that’s why she was chosen by Devin in the first place, I think. She’s more than necessary to Devin’s music and backs him up wonderfully. As for the production… what else can you expect than an exceptional one?! Devin never leaves things to luck… so he does what he thinks is better for the specific period.
Truly, there are times when the tracks go on that you may think you’re listening to a different album… but it’s just the same. The CD isn’t quite consistent and as you’re listening to a soft pop rock melodic tune then, suddenly, you might be faced with a heavier one… even though there are only a few of them in the album, but not as heavy & extreme as Devin used to make ‘em in the past.
There’s lot of talking about this album… I bet Devin knew all about it from the start. The die-hard fans have already hated it and wanna forget all about this CD… while there are newer fans that learn about Devin and his music due to this album and Anneke’s participation. Devin has no problem to evolve, progress and try new things out… he’s a free-minded musician and that’s why I fancy his works generally. Try somehow to listen to some tracks from the album and you can make up your mind whether this music style is for you or not… do not bypass it at once…