The Defiled - Daggers

The Defiled Daggers cover
The Defiled
Nuclear Blast
All this metalcore, “extreme”, groovy, gay rock/metal trend of our time has started becoming a bit annoying at long last. First is the “big metal labels” that used to promote and support metal music (I won’t write “true” for it would be misunderstood by many) which have made a major opening to this new tendency and second is that the newest generation finds this kind of music interesting. In truth to be told, bands of that genre sell like crazy this time when every big metal band has taken the downside so, if you’re a label you’re thinking of how many copies you must sell so as to make money and not of the well-being of metal music itself.
The Defiled is another band that offers one of the same. They come from the UK and this is their sophomore release. Wanna know how it sounds like? Then put much metalcore, some “gay” melodies, a few industrial features, groovy “wannabe heavy” riffs & a bunch of “extreme/gay” metal elements in a blender and you have the absolute “trend” of today! Everything here falls into monotony… from the dull melodies and the plain song structures to the overused changes in the extreme/clean vocals and the usual metalcore “riffs”. You see everything here is so overdone, run of the mill, one of the same that you can guess what’s gonna be next. 11 songs, all out of the same “extreme/melodic” recipe of nowadays… soulless, monotonous, tiresome & uninspired with not an inch of creativity.
Certainly, I can’t call this a “pile of dogshit or bullshit” as some do, for it has a very strong, heavy & tight production which shows that some kind of good work has been done at some level. All credits go to Jason Suecof (Six Feet Under, Firewind, Trivium etc.). Moreover, it’s not as crappy as other releases of the genre. Surely, they aren’t any “saviours of UK metal” (WTF?!) neither are they gonna save (from whom?) metal music or stuff like that. Things such as these are written by major magazines in order to sell some extra copies while they’re trying to retain their long gone glory. I’m afraid I cannot go along with the new generation when it comes to this “new trend”, for any new trend will go down after a while and the labels will turn their back on it when the money stops flowing. It has happened before and it will happen again, that’s for sure. Basically, I do not believe that this is the kind of music that one will listen to enthusiastically after a decade or so…