Dead Witches - The Last Exorcism

Dead Witches The Last Exorcism cover
Dead Witches
The Last Exorcism
Heavy Psych Sounds Records
“The Last Exorcism” is the sophomore release by Dead Witches that also features two new members, the vocalist Soozi Chameleone (Satlan) and the guitarist Oliver Hill (Grave Lines, Sea Bastard, ex-End the Agony). Still, the drummer and mastermind Mark Greening (founding member of Electric Wizard, Ramesses and With The Dead) and bassist Carl Geary are here making sure to keep the rhythm section as heavy, doomy and fuzzy as it takes.
Musically, the album is moving on the same path with its predecessor and of course it’s reminiscent of the Electric Wizard works. The stoner, fuzzy, sludge, doom, heavy rock, occult and atmospheric music along with the slow-tempos makes the album sound kinda “nightmarish” at times, something that was intended by the band I guess. “When Do the Dead See the Sun” is the only “alternate” sample… and I say sample cuz it only lasts around 1minute and 38 secs and features male vocals. Does it also give a taste of what’s to come or not? Anyhow, I think that tracks like the aforementioned one add a bit more variety to the band’s music and make it sound less predictable. Then again they do know better.
Assuredly, “The Last Exorcism” will satisfy the band’s fans in general. Especially those who fancy occult, atmospheric and stoner/doom music with female vocals, better give this album a listen. Dead Witches seem to have returned stronger and more determined than before…