DBA - Pictures of You

DBA Pictures of You cover
Pictures of You
X2X Records
DBA or else Downes Braide Assosiation. Yeap, you’ve got it right. This is a musical collaboration between the famous Geoff Downes and the renowned Chris Braide. Both of them have been very successful in business throughout the years and they have sold millions of albums. Geoff is best known from his works with The Buggles, Asia & Yes, while Chris is more known as a multi-instrumentalist/producer and has cooperated with Sia, Lana Del Rey, Christina Aguilera, Yuna and David Guetta amongst many others.
Geoff & Chris decided to follow the new wave, synth-based, sophisticated art/prog pop music path with various contemporary elements. Just imagine a less synth-like The Buggles with 00s “modern” influences, the popier side of Asia and more artistic song arrangements. The good thing is that the guys do not try to deliver any hits here and they do not become cheesy at any point. The opening track which lasts 13 minutes and is divided in four parts, confirms that thing. While the music is mostly easy-listening, the album will get far more appreciated with several listens. Do not forget that Geoff knows how to deliver some refined and beautiful orchestrations. The production is  top-notch as well.
Surely, whoever prefers Geoff’s work with The Buggles (who hasn’t heard the smash hit “Video Killed the Radio Star” in the 80s?!) will appreciate this album more. It may have a contemporary pop character but it doesn’t lack music quality at all. How couldn’t it afterwards? “Pictures of You” is very good art-pop music work with wonderful melodies and very nice music ideas… just go with the flow & let the “Pictures of You” reveal its enchanting musical magnitude to you…