The Darkness - Last of our Kind

The Darkness  Last of our Kind cover
The Darkness
Last of our Kind
Canary Dwarf Records
One of the biggest “fancy bands” of the new millennium is The Darkness without any doubt. Getting much more popularity than they ever deserved, they have become known for ripping off some AC/DC riffs and for their singer’s ludicrous & comical “fake voice”. I thought that this torture was over a few years back but unfortunately they announced some reunion shows back in 2011 and they released their comeback album, “Hot Cakes”, in 2012. I was hoping that they would call it a day anytime soon but unluckily they’re back with a new album title “Last of our Kind”. If by the album title they mean last of “their” kind then I can assure them that they were the first & the last of “that” and we won’t miss ‘em a bit if they decide to give it up in the next years.
To my surprise, the first two tracks of the album “Barbarian” and “Open Fire” were somewhat listenable and Justin didn’t do so many of his known “poser antics” with his “fake voice” which reminds me too much of the mighty Greek “singer” Tampakis! For a moment I was… what the heck… that didn’t last much longer. They were back to their ordinary style which can be proven quite comic… when they stay out of business in the future. Another thing which is worth commenting is that they do not use their “brand” “copy- paste” AC/DC riffs on the 99% of the album as they used to do. The production is good though and it was delivered by the guitarist Dan at his own studio. Also the drums on the album were played Emily Dolan Davies, who replaced Ed Graham in 2014. A couple of months ago Davies was also replaced by Rufus Tiger Taylor (the son of Queen’s Roger Taylor).
Hence, what does “Last of our Kind” offer? Well more or less nothing. It may have a couple or more listenable tracks in comparison to their previous works but there are still that “trademark tracks”, like “Mighty Wings” or “Mudslide” with the “ridiculous vocals” which make the whole listening process rather unbearable but amusing in a way. In a nutshell, I think that I dedicated too much time to an album that’s not worth it…