The Black Rain - Water Shape

The Black Rain Water Shape cover
The Black Rain
Water Shape
Atomic Stuff Records
Having presented the band’s debut album, “Night Tales” (read the review here), about 2 years ago, I had been waiting to listen to their next album. The Black Rain is a quite gifted hard rock act which truly fancies classic rock, rock, rock & roll and hard rock music at large. They are probably one of the top hard rock bands coming out of Italy in the last years. For that reason, it didn’t surprise me when I saw them performing live on TV at one of the most popular Greek TV shows, the well-known “Radio Arvyla”. I guess lots of rockers got the chance to get know the band after that live show.
Although “Water Shape” retains the basic hard rock character of the debut, it also does have lots of classic rock (even a few blues-rock) and hard rock 70s elements which are nicely blended with the band’s 80s and contemporary rock & hard rock ones. The track which pays it respects to the legendary blues-man Robert Johnson (with the same title), will give a taste of the band’s slight sound change. It’s also the band’s second single and video. The first single and video is for “Rock ‘n’ Roll Guy”, a track closer to the band’s debut and rather a summary of what they are all about. The wonderful semi-ballad “Without Love” and the stunning atmospheric “King of Stones” showcase that they guys do know how to write damn fine rockin’ tracks nonetheless. The album also has a somewhat “free live” sound and the production is quite rockin’ on the whole. I’d prefer it to be a bit more tight and powerful though.
Possibly, in songwriting terms, “Water Shape” is a tad better than the debut but not in terms of the production. Anyhow, The Black Rain are on the right way and if they keep it up like this then they will make the next successful step they so long for. Their third album will show the way, it just needs to be several levels improved, in every part, compared to the previous two works… I’m positive they can do it…