Zero Theorem to release debut EP “Ataraxis” on May 4th 2018

Zero Theorem Ataraxis EP cover
Blending alternative hard rock with the rhythmic and uncompromising intensity of metal, Los Angeles-based Zero Theorem has drawn early comparisons to Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, and Tool.

Since late 2017 their single “Area” has steadily climbed the Active Rock radio charts and has jumped into the Top 35. The song can be heard on key hard rock playlists including Spotify's Rock Hard playlist, Apple Music's Breaking Hard Rock playlist, and Google Play Music's Hard Rock Hotlist Radio channel, among others.  With the release of their EP “Ataraxis” on May 4th, 2018, the band is poised to take the next step to national recognition.

Zero Theorem initially developed as a cross-country collaboration between cousins Caesar (based in Chicago) and Joe Scarlotti (Los Angeles), who began writing songs by sending digital files to one another. As their creative partnership developed, Caesar relocated to LA to further his musical ambitions. They recorded the initial ZT demos in 2017. Then, through word of mouth and networking in the Los Angeles music scene, the band came together with guitarist Max Georgiev, bassist Eloy Palacios, and drummer Jake Hayden.

The demos were honed into finished songs with producer Kane Churko (Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment) at The Hideout Recording Studios in Las Vegas, NV. Caesar says: “Kane is immeasurably talented and has made us better songwriters by helping to emphasize our strengths and explore new territory”.
The band has gained notoriety as a live act by performing with Doyle, Hed PE, Art of Dying, and Motograter, among others.
Says Caesar: “Zero Theorem's sound is groove metal with big melodies and some progressive material mixed in. Heavy music itself is a lifestyle choice, and we strive to embody that with both substance and wit”.
Zero Theorem's debut EP, “Ataraxis” will be released on May 4th, 2018, through Tunecore on Shim Sham, LLC.

A tour to support the release will be announced soon.
1. Euthanize
2. Area
3. Becoming
4. Rorschach
5. Ataraxis
6. Low

Caesar - Vocals
Max Georgiev - Guitar
Eloy Palacios - Bass
Jake Hayden – Drums