X-Ray Life - New acoustic EP out in December 2013

X-Ray Life Skinned Songs... Naked Sound cover
Venice-based rock-grunge band X-Ray Life has announced the forthcoming release of a new EP called “Skinned Songs... Naked Sound”, featuring the acoustic arrangements of some tracks taken from the band's self-titled debut album, published in 2012 under Atomic Stuff Records. 
This EP, available exclusively in digital format, can be downloaded for free on the band's BandCamp page here from December 15th; on the same day, the EP will be presented during a live performance at the legendary venue “Al Vapore” (Venice, Italy). 
The EP was entirely self-produced and was recorded, mixed and mastered by singer Mattia Briggi between the band's rehearsal room and his personal “Machine Gun Studio” in Venice.
“After releasing and promoting our debut album, we started playing some songs in an acoustic version, just for fun”, says guitar player Giovanni Zanardo. “All the bands that inspired us did it, we thought 'Let's try'. The results were so good that, in a couple of months, we were able to perform a complete unplugged show; it allowed us to play more often and also to confront with a totally new musical experience”. 
1. Machine Gun Kelly 
2. Everyone Is A Star 
3. Hey 
4. Devil On Earth 
5. Charlie The Shepherd 
Mattia Briggi – Vocals 
Alberto Biason – Guitars 
Giovanni Zanardo – Guitars 
Matteo Rugliancich – Bass 
Matteo Boranga – Drums