Wormwood release lyric video for first single “The Isolationist”

Wormwood video pic
Today Wormwood invites you back 152 years in time. To this very day, on the first of June, 1867. To a year when the summer never came to Sweden. A devastating famine ravaged throughout the country. The scars from the starvation and the failed crops can be seen til these days out in the isolated provinces.
“The Isolationist” is song about solitude. About a man who refuses to leave his home deep in the forest. His old wife dies, yet there he remains and withers away into obscurity.
Watch the video for “The Isolationist” below.

“The Isolationist” is the first offering from the band’s sophomore album “Nattarvet”, due to release on July 26th, 2019. It‘s a journey through famine, isolation and awe-inspiring nature.

With their unique melancholic, majestic and dark sound, Wormwood has found their perfect match with Black Lodge Records. Together they’ll march through the Swedish bogs, forests and mountains to show the world their own and unique take on Swedish black metal.
The band’s sophomore album “Nattarvet” is a journey through famine, isolation and awe-inspiring nature. Together With Black Lodge Records the album will travel through the world like a plague. Unrelenting, unstoppable and undeniably magnificent.
“Nattarvet” will be released on July 26th, 2019.

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1. Av lie o börda
2. I bottenlös ävja
3. Arctic Light
4. The Achromatic Road
5. Sunnas hädanfärd
6. Tvehunger
7. The Isolationist

The band stated:
“The time is nigh, time to announce a new chapter for us. After many cold and windy nights, blistering days, through endless blizzards and reflections in the deep forest, the time is here. Our new album "Nattarvet" will be released in 26/7 under the strong and powerful banner of Black Lodge. With formable reputation, shared vision and a deep yearning to deliver immaculate products, Black Lodge and Wormwood is the perfect team. We both believe that "Nattarvet" will become an album people remember for decades and because of this mutual understanding, Black Lodge is more than perfect for us.

Compared to "Ghostlands", our upcoming album "Nattarvet" will be darker. There will be stories about famine and how it ravished the Swedish landscapes in the late 1800-hundreds. Some families fled to new more fertile grounds, others were not so lucky. They had to bury their family members, eat crumbles and watch how their childhood home wither and fade away into obscurity. So join us yet again as we embark on a journey together”.