Witchbound to release new studio album “End of Paradise” on April 30th 2021

Witchbound End of Paradise cover
The long wait is over: Witchbound presents the long-awaited successor to “Tarot’s Legacy”! Like the debut album, the second album “End of Paradise” will also be released on this year’s Walpurgis Night - as usual with witches!

The songwriting for the 15 new songs was in the hands of Stefan Kauffmann and Martin Winkler, who has now unfortunately passed away. Achim Köhler was responsible for the finishing touches to the mix and the artwork was again relied on by Manfred Smietana!

When Stormwitch founders Harald Spengler, Stefan Kauffmann and Peter Langer got together in 2015 to rock out again in the style of their musical roots, nobody could have guessed which path this band would go. After the unexpected and tragic death of Harald Spengler alias Lee Tarot, the decision was made to publish his musical legacy as “Tarot’s Legacy” in 2016. The album not only delighted the old Stormwitch fans. The old fire was back! Simultaneously it was also clear to every musician that they wanted to find their own musical path.

In 2021 the time has come: “End of Paradise” is the long-awaited successor. Stefan Kauffmann and Peter Langer have created an extremely versatile album with four other colleagues! Influenced by Stefan Kauffmann’s unmistakable feeling for great melodies, Witchbound is now acting with Natalie Perreira dos Santos (Ex-Bionic Angel) and Tobias Schwenk for two lead voices that make the sound diversified. With guitarist Julian Steiner and Frank Bittermann on bass, they also rely on great live experience.

“End of Paradise” will definitely surprise and step out of the shadows of the past without forgetting the roots of the past.

“End of Paradise” will be released on April 30th, 2021, on CD and as a limited collector’s box. Pre-save the album here.

1. Prelude
2. Battle of Kadesh
3. Interstellar Odyssey
4. End of Paradise 
5. Carved in Stone
6. Flags of Freedom
7. Torquemada
8. Nevermore
9. Last Divide
10. Sea of Sorrow
11. Foreign Shores
12. Dance of the Dead
13. These Tears
14. As long as we can Rock
15. Our Hop

Stefan Kauffmann - Guitars
Peter Langer - Drums
Natalie Pereira dos Santos - Vocals
Tobias Schwenk - Vocals
Julian Steiner - Guitars
Frank Bittermann - Bass