Wake to release “Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow” on February 26th 2016

Wake Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow cover
San Francisco Bay Area darkness-obsessed DIY indie label Sentient Ruin Laboratories is extremely proud and honored to announce the release of “Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow” - the third album by Calgary, Canada-based avant-grind war machine Wake.

As “Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow” detonates on the notes of skin-peeling opener “Burn Well” the listener will immediately realize that what they are dealing with is far from simply being a grindcore band. Shards and splinters of Black Metal, Crust, D-Beat, Noise, Sludge, and Post-Hardcore will come at the listener like a firestorm, being hurdled at them with unconceivable violence, terrifying speed, and surgical precision. As the album unfolds, exposing a massive and oozing wound of dissonant and lawless horror, “Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow” will reveal it self as a low-end monster that stands completely on its own and reaches far beyond grindcore.

While Wake remain true to their underlying grindcore roots, showcasing clear affinity with stalwarts in the genre like Nasum, Brutal Truth, Discordance Axis and Napalm Death, attentive listeners will also notice how far Wake's music can reach, encompassing the dissonant and twisted craft of Deathspell Omega, the slow and pounding sludgecore of bands like Breach and Knut, and the grandiose post-hardcore architectures of bands like Cursed and The Secret. All in all “Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow” is a monstrous achievement in the realm of modern and forward-thinking extreme metal and hardcore elaborations, and is a must hear for any fan of bands like Ulcerate, Full of Hell, Nails, Buried Inside, Celeste, and beyond.

“Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow” was recorded and mix by Joel Grind at Falcon Studios (Toxic Holocaust, Poison Idea, Lord Dying, Abyss, etc.), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Nails, The Secret, Black Breath, Old Man Gloom etc.) and features mesmerizing art and layout by Hal Rotting of Rotting Graphics (Plague Widow, Napalm Raid, Atriarch, Brashest), and will be released on cassette tape and digital formats by Sentient Ruin, on CD by Everyday Hate, and on LP by 7 Degrees Records and Nerve Altar.

Wake's “Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow” drops on February 26th, 2016 and can now be pre-ordered here.
01. Burn Well
02. Wretched Tongue
03. Drones
04. Better Living Through Apathy
05. Low
06. Unrelenting Hate
07. Vultures
08. Endless Decay