Void Cruiser to re-release “Overstaying My Welcome” with exclusive bonus track on May 25th 2018

Void Cruiser Overstaying My Welcome cover
Finnish heavy psych cosmonauts Void Cruiser announce the reissue of their critically acclaimed 2015 album “Overstaying My Welcome”, which received much praise across the whole underground community.

It will benefit of an exclusive bonus track recorded specifically for the occasion. The song “Heavyweight Champion of the Solar System” is an impressive 30 minutes voyage through space and far galaxies.
A first extract from the album, the song “Amoeba”, is available below.

“Overstaying My Welcome” + Bonus will be released on CD and limited LP “Red vinyl” by Argonauta Records on May 25th, 2018.
Pre-orders the album here.

1. M.O.B.
2. Overstaying My Welcome
3. Heist
4. Amoeba
5. Splinters
6. Borrow from Tomorrow
7. Golden Teeth Smile
8. Into Space
9. Heavyweight Champion of the Solar System (bonus track)